United Kingdom
Oxford Centre for Mission Studies
Utsändande organisation
Presbyterian Church of Pakistan
God is good all the times and He has set plans for every individual, particularly those who live according to His mighty will on earth. I believe reaching to PhD stage is not by chance. There is a purpose hidden behind this plan by God. It is my honor to be the youngest pastor of Pakistan who will be achieving this post graduate degree in days to come. The purpose for my Ph.D. study is twofold. Firstly, I believe that it is an essential element of my responsibility to look after my flock being a pastor. Because, most of Christian community is illiterate and they hold a very limited understanding of mission as God’s mission and Christian living purposefully, I believe that this program will not only enhance my own understanding but it will also open the wider opportunities to deliver this knowledge to my congregation in better ways for the better Christian living in order to help various faith communities gain a better awareness of missions and the significance of it for individuals and societies. Through my knowledge, I will promote the authenticity of the Christian values in a society and endorse interfaith relations as exclaimed plan of God for all individuals on this earth. Secondly, in Pakistani context, Christians are minorities and face significant discrimination, injustice, and hatred by extremists. I aim to find out the practical ways to develop interfaith relations which will create a space for equal human rights among all faith communities and reflect on the practical concerns to highlight peace, justice, equality, unity and reconciliation among such groups. My studies will explore and equip me with the wider perspective of interfaith relationships parallel to God’s ultimate mission. Currently, Christian and Muslim relationships are the most crucial issues in Pakistan, I intent to bring awareness of the importance of interfaith Christian witnessing in peace and harmony.
Beviljad summa
120 000

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