Oxford, United Kingdom
Utsändande organisation
I am a part-time PhD student at Oxford Center for Mission Studies, Oxford, UK. Part of the requirement for this program is to fulfill a residency requirement of at least six weeks at Oxford every year. Since my principal supervisor is Mika Vähäkangas, Professor of Mission Studies and Ecumenics at Lund University, Sweden, I plan to visit him and attend seminars at Lund, as well as attend a conference at Abo Akademi University, where Prof. Vähäkangas currently works. All these events are around mid-March. So part of the residency will be fulfilled at Lund and Abo. Keeping this in view, my budget will reflect travel and living expenses involved: i) Return tickets from India to Oxford ii) Return tickets from Oxford to Lund and Turku (Abo) iii) Living expenses both at Oxford, Lund and Turku (Abo)
Övriga rapportkommentarer
Utilisation of Lund Scholarship: I will give the report in INR because it came to my Indian Bank Account and I bought my tickets in INR, as well as, loaded my forex card in India. Received (2020) : 582,526.37 INR Received (2022): 387560.80 INR Total received : 9,700,87.17 INR Usage of funds: 1. Tuition: Fees 2020-21: 181629 INR (1703 GBP + 250 GBP) Fees 2021-22: 203060 INR (1712.50 GBP+ 250 GBP) Fees 2022-23: 86500 INR (650 GBP + 230 GBP) (250 GBP is the university fees paid apart from the tuition fees each year) 2. Tickets: I have attached the receipts for my travels. I travelled to Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, Oxford (OCMS), Abo Akademi (Turku) and Lund University (Lund) or my residency 2022. Total: 1,60,030 INR 3. Visa Fees Shengen Visa (2020): 14320 INR (I could not travel due to covid restrictions) UK Visa (2022): 17103 INR Shengen Visa (2022): 15010 INR Hotel: 8000 INR Travel: 25000 INR 4. Accommodations Cherwell Centre, Oxford: 38000 INR Commonwealth Centre: 40770 INR Total: 38000 + 40770 = 78,770 INR 5. Living expenses 3000 INR x 50 days: 1,50,000 INR 6. Writing retreat 8000 INR 7. Books 5000 INR Total used: 9,52,422 INR Received amount: 9,700,87.17 INR Utilised amount: 9,52,422 INR Balance: 17,665.17 INR (2355.90 SEK) Statement of progress: The fund has helped my research progress over the last two years. I have been able to finish my fieldwork and now working to submit a draft of my PhD thesis by December third week this year (2022). I was able to travel to use research resources at Oxford University, Abo Akademi and Lund University. I was able to meet my first supervisor in person for the first time and attend conferences and seminars that have introduced me to new frameworks relevant for my research. I remain sincerely grateful to the society for granting me the funds. I aim to complete my PhD within a year or so, God-willing. I look forward to contribute to my local church (Union Baptist Church, Kohima, Nagaland, India), to the education sector in Nagaland (India), and continue to write and publish once my PhD is complete.
Beviljad summa
50 000

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