South Africa
Stellenbosch University
Utsändande organisation
Church of Christ
This funding request aims to support my final academic year for Ph.D. studies at Stellenbosch University; field-work data collection in Zimbabwe; travelling expenses; and research stay at Lund University, Sweden. Studying in a foreign country, struggling with student debt, and dealing with the impact of a global pandemic places a heavy burden on the shoulders of students whose priority should be to focus on completing their studies. This has been an unfortunate, grim reality for me. I need your assistance to remain on the road to complete my academic journey ahead. The funding will contribute to the furtherance of my studies at Stellenbosch University, South Africa; data collection in Mashoko, Zimbabwe; and a research stay at the University of Lund in November 2021 up to March 2022. I must state that I was funded early this year by Lund Mission Society and the funds covered part of my first year and the whole of my second year. I have attached a report on the progress of my studies. The current request is for the continuation of the last part of my studies. By investigating a church-related health care ministry in a particular context, namely the Church of Christ’s medical missions in Mashoko, Zimbabwe, my study explores ways in which medical missions are and could be playing a missional role as a conduit for transformational development. The fundamental aim of the study is to uncover 'gaps' in the praxis and delivery model of the Church of Christ's medical ministry, and recommend how these can be filled. On a different level, this study intends to unearth the Christian transformational missional role of the Church of Christ medical ministry as a contribution towards rural holistic community development in Zimbabwe. The findings will inform and guide policy in the church’s health missions and related ministries situated in similar contexts.
Beviljad summa
233 000

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