Oxford Centre for Mission Studies
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Presbyterian Church of Pakistan
My purpose for Ph.D. study is twofold. Firstly, I believe that it is an essential element of my responsibility to look after my flock being a pastor. The term mission is very limited and the Christian majority is illiterate, even at the leadership level. Through my studies and learning, I plan to explore the meaning of Missio Dei and its relationship to missions in order to help my communities gain a better awareness of missions and the significance for them as individuals and the invitation to participate in God’s mission in the world to establish the kingdom of God, with the help of biblical references. I will promote the authenticity of the Christian values in a society. Secondly, in the context of Pakistan, Christians are minorities and face significant discrimination, injustice, and hatred by extremists. I aim to find out the practical ways to develop interfaith relations which will create a space for equal human rights among all faith communities and reflect on the practical cconcerns to promote peace, justice, equality, and reconciliation among these groups. My studies will explore and equip me with the wider perspective of interfaith relationships. Currently, Christian and Muslim relationships are the most crucial issues in Pakistan. I am intent to bring awareness of better interfaith relationships with many in the future where everyone will live in peace and harmony.
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Here I am to offer my gratitude to the Lund Missions who are supporting me for the past one year in my PhD academic program. By now, I have submitted my proposal and I am moved ahead into the next level of M. Phil to enter into PhD program. I have uploaded all the expenses of your previous support to my academic including my fee submission receipt, health insurance, ticket, visa charges etc for your reference. Thank you once again. I am looking forward to receive your kindness in upcoming days of my academia. Blessings!
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