South Africa
Stellenbosch University
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Stellenbosch Univesity
Space and place have been concepts that have existed and explored in built environment circles. Furthermore, injustices that are shown through space (Group Areas Act in South Africa and its resultant effects and redlining in the United States of America) have been written about by numerous scholars. The “spatial turn” in scholarly work and the philosophy and praxis of spatial justice has gained traction over the last twenty years. However, theology scholars, particularly church historians, have not developed the praxes at length theologically. Additionally, the issue of spatial injustice, shown through power dynamics in space as well as the lack of land equality, does not have a response through grounded church theology. The dissertation is an attempt to be one of the scholarly works that explore spatial justice in relation to theology and church histories in South Africa. First, it aims to develop the concept of spatial injustice and spatial justice through looking at philosophies and theorists’ work over the last 120 years. Also, it will develop a deeper theological concept of spatial justice. Second, I aim to look at various denominations’ or independent churches’ history with spaces. Finally, I will look at how these denominations/churches have or have not developed lived theologies of spatial justice and how these can further the praxis’ emergence in churches and South Africa as a whole.
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