Oxford (UK) / Lund (Sweden)
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The main research question I try to address in my research is ‘How do professional women negotiate with multiple life-worlds in contemporary society?’ The central concepts in my research are multiple life-worlds, gender, and Naga society. In effect, I draw insights from sociology, gender studies, social psychology, and culture studies. A point to be noted is also that although the studies take women as object of research, it is not designed to primarily contribute to gender studies, although this may be inevitable. It mainly hopes to join the conversation on living with multiple identities, cultural systems, and life-worlds. The literature I refer to reflects the multi-disciplinary nature of the research. An important aspect of this is the fact that I am a Christian. Therefore, my approach to research is coloured by convictions and questions that stem from my lived experience as a Christian. To summarize, I use empirical evidence from the stories of professional women to understand a concept that arguably characterizes modern societies. It takes for granted certain assumptions that traditional anthropology would be very suspicious of, for example, that non-Western selves are reflexive and agentive. By taking the experiences of Christian women as they navigate their way through contemporary society, we hope that we can offer a framework for Christians and the Church to understand society better as well as understand and address practical problems that people have. The themes I discuss, and the research population taken into account, are characteristic of many contemporary societies. Thus, the findings of the research will have implications for mission work – both local and cross-cultural missions.
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